All successful projects require careful planning and coordination between the owner and flooring contractor, and frankly, that too is where we shine.

Our initial meeting may occur at our showroom or your location. After examining your floors, we will recommend the best type of product and can review samples of the many flooring options we have to offer. We will review all installation conditions and when you are satisfied, prepare an agreement and schedule for delivery, installation, finishing and completion.

Heritage Hardwood Floors is properly licensed and insured.




Heritage Hardwood Flooring has provided homeowners, decorators, architects and business owners with quality wood flooring installations for new construction and renovation and remodeling projects throughout the Tampa Bay area for decades.

We specialize in installations of solid hardwoods, which are typically used over wood subflooring and engineered hardwoods used predominantly over concrete floors. Both flooring products are available in a wide range of wood species and cuts and may be unfinished, for staining and finishing on the job, or prefinished in a large variety of colors and sheens.

On the surface, solid hardwood and engineered hardwoods appear the same. However, engineered hardwood flooring has a hardwood top layer applied over a cross-ply laminated base layer for stability. The engineered product allows for direct installations over floors, such as concrete, where solid hardwood is not recommended.




We are master wood finishers, so it stands to reason that we are good at rejuvenating and, if need be,  making repairs to existing hardwood floors. Refinishing services include stripping old and worn varnish, repairs, staining and applying multiple coats of protection layers. When necessary, we can refinish stair treads and repair or replace baseboards.

When refinishing hardwood flooring and on remodeling projects we take great care to reduce migration of dust that occurs especially during sanding and buffing processes. Areas where we need to work are sealed from other occupied areas as completely as possible and our sanding equipment recaptures as much of the air borne particles as possible. And, we clean up after ourselves daily and remove all debris.




If it is hardwood flooring, we can repair it. Our master finishers can match an existing color and finish to perfection.  As with refinishing projects, we respect our surroundings and always attempt to mitigate any inconvenience.

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